New Release

「水と生き物たち」Part 1

Written and produced by Nao Otsuka
Pictures by Nao Otsuka & Shimmering Moods
Field Recordings by Takashi Kokubo & Nao Otsuka
Packaging and design by Shimmering Moods

Shimmering Moods Records 2023
SHM 253




今年は純さんに誘っていただき甲府の桜座やAIRYでライブをしました、自作の鉄楽器や数年前から始めたピアノで静かな音楽を演奏しました。まだ慣れていないセットでちょっと難しく、機材トラブルが多くて申し訳ない感じでしたが練習し …



Composer from Japan. Born in Tokyo. At just 14 years old. he began his musical journey playing the Beatles and popular Japanese songs on bass guitar. In 2011 he moved to an abandoned junior high school in the mountains region of Yamanashi in search of an ideal environment to produce electronic music at very loud volume levels. In the studio he plays various instruments and produces music of various genres.